on my old blog i used sundays to round up the week’s emotions in words

(golden gate park again, back in time here, 4th of july)

or something like that.

sundays are my most favorite day of the week

the world goes still
(though i still hear the distant hum of freeway traffic)

right now i am looking at a fog bank
devouring what normally is oakland
thinking about how to waste the day

tuning in to the indescribable weirdness budding in my chest sounds plausible
(before i run around and look at potential houses and housemates, of course)

tell me

the best part of your week
the worst part of your week


tell me how you feel about sundays!

much love,


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3 thoughts on “sundays

  1. I have a love-hate relationship with Sundays. They’re those lazy days you get to do whatever, but they’ve also been the-day-before-work-Monday for years now, and that has kind of tainted Sundays for me. I’m a big fan of Saturdays since they’re at a nice in-between spot in the week. I’m taking the summer off and this Wednesday (!) is my last day though, so I have a feeling most days are going to start feeling like Saturdays :D

    The best part of last week for me was having two more crested geckos hatch out. My adult pair have been laying fertile eggs the last few months and so far 3 little babies have hatched. Worst part is probably just worrying about money hah, but that’s kind of a constant for me.

    • do you raise geckos?! and man, i feel you on the worrying about money…!

      • I didn’t intend to haha, but I wound up with a male and female and they did their thang. Thankfully it’s super easy to incubate them so I’m allowing the female to continue laying eggs, and a pet store near here has already said they’ll buy up any geckos I’m willing to sell them.

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