i am cradled

in a balance
where failure is
an option

that doesn’t scare me

all the little intricacies
philosophies i study

make me laugh

not ironically

i can’t stop thinking about people
why we do the things we do


write assumption stories
base our decisions off things we don’t know

my brain tried to write earlier
got a few lines in
until i said
“this is silly”

because it was

today was
a new kind of bliss
picture book pretty

to overwrite reality
in favor of
an unfavorable unreality
mainly pointless

life was love today

negative responses bred by
automatic thinking and automatic believing
are becoming less

life has a lot more room to be love now

what have you realized about life lately?

much love,


(nature courtesy of beautiful golden gate park in san francisco)

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3 thoughts on “stories

  1. “life has a lot more room to be love now” I really like that line. I’m still realizing how differently people can see or experience the same thing, feel different emotions over the same incidence, and trying to understand where people are coming from with these different viewpoints. Wrapping my head around that is harder than it should be.

    • oh yes, i understand that struggle! it’s taken me a really long time to accept that and there are days when i realize i am being overly preachy and judgemental as opposed to open and understanding. it’s definitely hard, so don’t discredit yourself. a lot of people never even understand that more than one viewpoint exists! celebrate that you’re trying!

  2. Your writing is so good, Zoe!! My favorite part…”to overwrite reality in favor of an unfavorable unreality was mainly pointless”. Um yes, this is my life basically and this might need to become my mantra. I am constantly creating negative scenarios out of ordinary nothingness and taking things personally when they aren’t even close to that. I feel like I am much to old to be dealing with these kinds of insecurities and just general unhappiness and anxiety, but I *KNOW* it is getting better. I just want to be happy and enjoy the here and now. I think I might have to cement the above line of yours into my memory. You are inspiring to me right now!

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