day one and then some

on april 11th i boarded a plane bound for munich, germany.

i didn’t sleep.

i listened to music.

i wrote.

just no sleep.

no matter.

i remember feeling nervous. excited. buzzed. tired.

so happy to be somewhere other than home.

the first ten days of the trip i accompanied my dad and his co-workers on a brewery tour through three european countries (they work for an alcohol and wine distribution company in san francisco). i scribbled into my journal constantly, furiously, one minute happy, the next uncomfortable.

who was i?
what was i doing?
could i do what i was doing?
was i crazy?

ten days ticked by. i drank a lot of beer. laughed a lot. worried a lot. talked a lot. bonded with 40 year olds. prepared my mind for what was to come. took not enough photographs.

germany bled into belgium (brussels and gent)

and then into york (england) after the world’s shortest stop at king’s cross station in london.

and then.

i was alone.

warm with anxiety and sluggish from lack of sleep. on a ferry to dublin and the bigscaryunknown.

we can pick up there another time.

for now:

how are you today?

much love,


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4 thoughts on “day one and then some

  1. Traveling around drinking beer sounds like a right good time to me. And awe, baby duckies :) Funnily enough, on my first flight anywhere ever, I slept most of the way through, like a stone. I fell asleep about 40 minutes in and woke up nearly 4 hours later and about a half hour from my destination, which is really weird for me since I am not and never was one to sleep in cars or anything. I’m doing pretty peachy today, just because I’ve got lots of things to look forward to in the near-future. I’ll be super extra peachy once I can leave work and go home though! I’ve got delicious food waiting for me :D

    • lucky girl! plane sleeping is some of the most difficult sleeping, unless, of course, you are aided ;)

      happy to hear you’re loving today! delicious food always, always makes me happy too. enjoy, love!

  2. these photos are stunning and make my feet itch…

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